INT 200A Graduate Cognitive Science Seminar

UCSB INT200A: Introduction to Cognitive Science – Spring 2022

This course, newly upgraded to 4-units, offers an overview of Cognitive Science as an interdisciplinary field that emerged at the intersection of a number of existing disciplines, including psychology, linguistics, computer science, philosophy, anthropology and neuroscience, and is now expanding more widely into the social sciences and humanities. Since the field was founded on the principle that new knowledge should be developed at the intersection among disciplines, many of the class sessions will involve discussions with researchers from UCSB who are investigating an aspect of cognition from different disciplinary perspectives.


Cog Sci Handout 1 S 22


Miller, “The Cognitive Revolution”

Nunez et al, “What Happened to Cog Sci?”

Gray et al commentary on Nunez et al

Miller “The Magical Number Seven…”

Gaulin, “Evolutionary Psychology”

Gaulin et al. “Jealousy”

Notes on Gaulin

Nabi and Myrick – Hope and Fear – 2018

Nabi et al Framing Climate Change – 2018

Prestin and Nabi – Media Prescriptions – 2020

Feldman – Bayesian Models of Perception

Denison et al Models of Perception and Phenomenonlogy

Giesbrecht et al – Memory and Attention (2012)

Cheesman and Merikle “Distinguishing Conscious from Unconscious Perception” 1986

Montello “Behavioral and Cognitive Geography”

Mermelstein and German 2021

Mermelstein, Barlev and German (2020)

Barlev et al “Core Intuitions” 2017

Okamoto Mathematics Language  2018

Zhang and Okamoto JNC 2017

Mooneyham et al. “States of Mind” 2016

Schooler et al “Minding the Mind” 2015